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Meet Mary

Healer  -  Therapist   -  Author

As a natural clairvoyant, psychic, medium and healer my life in many ways has been different. Seeing auras and having ‘knowings’ about my life and others has brought its own challenges at times.

I was thirty-six years old before I realised others do not see auras like I do. I was astounded and also quite upset to realise I was even more different to others than I had first thought. I knew others didn’t see or hear spirits but this left me feeling sad for several days. Sometimes our esoteric gifts can make us feel separated from others.

What I Specialize In


The Journey Towards Health Begins on the Path of Self Love. Begin Your Journey Today.

Recovering from a relationship breakdown? These are just some of the issues that Ican assist you with, guiding you to a better life.

As a successful personal coach, I have helped many to transform their lives on their journey to become their authentic self.

I have worked with victims of rape, PTSD, sexual abuse, divorce, miscarriage, abortion, shock, stress, trauma, redundancy or relationship breakdown and many, many other situations.


Using my skills as a Homeopath, Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist, not to mention a gifted natural and Reiki healer

Are you willing to make the personal investment in yourself to improve your life?

Do you feel weary, tired and lacking in vitality?

Are you suffering with blood pressure, joint problems, migraines, digestive problems, headaches, fatigue, menopause, relationship breakdown, sleep disorders?


Then if any, or all of these apply please call or message me on 07828 929659. 



I have worked locally, nationally and internationally which has led me to being featured in the local and national press and on local radio including BBC Radio Lancashire and Preston FM.


I also hosted my own TV show, “Living a Dynamic Life”, to raise awareness of holistic therapies, Law of Attraction, healthy eating and the benefits of esoteric wisdom.


These shows are now available to view on YouTube. Just search for “Mary Curtis interviews…..”


My Philosophy 


As a healer I believe we have a right to be balanced; mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally.  It’s my life-purpose to maintain my own sense of balance and assist others to seek and find their own inner harmony. 

Whether I use hypnotherapy, E.F.T. healing or homeopathy and/or life-coaching. For me it is all about using my extensive experience as a therapist and assisting you to be the best version of yourself that you can be at any one moment.


I believe that we can all achieve what we are here to achieve; ie. our soul purpose

And fulfilling our soul contracts.


I empower people to believe in themselves; either through a personal one to one session, my books, podcasts or meditations. 


I empower people to make peace with themselves: their past and their futures


I encourage reconnection to nature


I encourage reconnection to the heart 


I encourage movement from the head/brain to the heart


I empower people to find self-love and self-care; to embrace self-confidence and self-esteem. 


I encourage people to seek to find their own power. 


I assist people with illness; helping them understand why they are ill and assisting their recovery. We will all pass over at some point; death and change are the only things we can be sure of. I have assisted many to be at peace through the death process. 


Encouraging people to respect themselves and others. 


Encouraging people to respect their vulnerabilities and those of others.


I empower people to find themselves beyond the mask of conditioned behaviour and social conditioning.


 I seek to empower people to unlock their potential and listen to their intuition and inner voice.


I encourage people to find joy, harmony and peace.


I assist people with burn out.

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