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International Healer, Therapist & Author

As a natural clairvoyant, psychic, medium and healer my life in many ways has been different. Seeing auras and having ‘knowings’ about my life and others has brought its own challenges at times.

I was thirty-six years old before I realised others do not see auras like I do. I was astounded and also quite upset to realise I was even more different to others than I had first thought. I knew others didn’t see or hear spirits but this left me feeling sad for several days. Sometimes our esoteric gifts can make us feel separated from others.

In 2002/3 I suffered with M.E. or chronic fatigue syndrome. It was a very challenging time and as a single mother with four teenagers to care for at the time, I felt useless and helpless. I knew I wanted and in fact needed to change my life though had no idea at the time if I would in fact make a full recovery.

Each day was a challenge; how to manage my energy levels, how to stay sane despite feeling depressed and low, and how to stay focused rather than believing my future would be filled with doom and gloom. I slept many hours throughout the day and night though when I could I would read books on positive mental attitude, the law of attention, spiritual laws, self-healing and self-awareness.

I was blessed to have many spiritual friends around me for support and a very beautiful family too. My dear friend Diane suggested I learn Reiki. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I trained in Reiki and, besides being treated by a Homeopath I recovered within three months. I was offered a clinic in Longridge, Preston, UK and the rest is history as they say.

The following year I started training as a Homeopath and then as a hypnotherapist and psychotherapist. I later trained as a life-coach too. I worked predominantly from home and later internationally. I love to run workshops, talks and seminars to inspire people to live better lives.

In 2019 I left the UK after selling my beautiful home and travelled through India, Nepal and Bali on a spiritual quest. It was life-changing. I met a Bape Mangku in Bali who said he had been waiting for me for five years and he offered to train me as a healer. I was honoured and spent eight months training and working with him and several high priests. We healed the temples, the land, the ocean and also the local people.

I am currently in Geneva, Switzerland and look forward to running courses and inspiring people to live fully rather than exist. I am available to do Skype calls, Facetime or WhatsApp sessions.  

Writing is a passion of mine and several years ago I was asked to write an autobiography about my life. The first book “The Goldfish That Jumped” was a huge success and appeared on the shelves of WHSmiths and Waterstones within weeks of being published. Since then I have written four more and am currently writing another following my adventures whilst I was travelling.

Life is ever-changing and I am enjoying the ride.

Best wishes and kind regards to you all

Mary x

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