I love books. I firmly believe that one book can change your life. I have read hundreds, probably thousands over the years. After running a meditation group for six years my clients and friends requested me to start writing the first book. They wanted to know what it was like to be a natural psychic, healer and medium. I was thrilled that it was received with so much positivity from my clients and friends, In fact within six weeks the books were on the shelves of WHSmiths and weeks later they were in also in Waterstones. When I was asked to do a book signing I was amazed, if not slightly nervous. It was a great success and something that I will remember for the rest of my life.

My first book is called “The Goldfish That Jumped.” I explain what it was like to grow up being so aware of the esoteric world with many experiences which used to frighten me as a child. As I grew older and met my husband there were many things I learned about life; especially when we became parents. As I began to grow spiritually I needed to change my whole life as my soul expanded.

The book describes how I escaped the proverbial ‘Goldfish Bowl’ that so many of us just get stuck in. Some know it better as ‘The Matrix.’ After far too many times of banging into the glass, whilst the water became even more stagnant, I finally and created a new life with fulfilment and passion. Reading my story will hopefully assist you to make positive changes and give you enough hope, courage and faith to realize that anything is possible. By changing yourself the world around you will also change.

The testimonials for all four of my books are touching. The books have inspired thousands of readers. Please order through the shop or Amazon.

My second book “The Kingfisher That Rocked” is equally, if not more compelling and continues my story on from “The Goldfish That Jumped”. I hope you feel my passion in my writing on each and every page. My journey has brought so many learnings which I have shared here to enable you to move towards living a better life. I have shown my vulnerability and raw honesty. Once again the testimonials are outstanding. A truly gripping read.

“From Stuck Duck To Hummingbird” was re-named “The Heart Of Successful Living”. We all feel like a ‘Stuck Duck’ at times and this handbook should truly be handed out to everyone who breathes! I love doing talks, seminars and workshops. This is a real passion of mine and I’m at my best when I’m teaching in flow. I teach simple wisdom using common-sense techniques to achieve and enhance personal growth. The book is filled with practical examples and exercises of how we can improve our daily lives by becoming more self-aware and more conscious of our thoughts, words, actions, deeds and the habits which are outdated and no longer serving us.

If you feel like a “Stuck Duck” or you know someone who is then just go to the “SHOP” and order NOW.

“Reflections Of A Humming Bird” is my fourth book and first novel. It was a joy to write and channelled its way to me over a period of about eighteen months. It is unlike any of my other books.

My most dear friend Peter Sanderson, journalist, TV producer and director, supported her and gave his honest opinion in May 2017 when the book was gathering pace fast and was already 30K words.

 “I couldn’t put it down and have devoured each and every chapter. Get it finished as it’s going to be a massive success” was his wise advice. I celebrated my 50th birthday on 4th June 2017. I finished the book on the 6th June.

 “It was an absolute joy to write and being a novel, I watched in awe as the characters came to life and the story unfolded. I was truly feeling a little lost when it was finished”.

“Reflections Of A Hummingbird” will touch your soul and maybe even bring a tear to your eyes. The story begins with the main character Elizabeth, feeling lost and alone.  She is trapped in ‘The Matrix’ and seeks to find joy and inner peace; resolving her personal life with her sons and her ex-husband. The testimonials are once again outstanding and certainly Peter Sanderson was moved and touched by this story that shows how we each weave a tangled web in our lives. Will you be able to put the book down? Those that initially proof-read the book certainly couldn’t!

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