Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Welcome to my new website. I'm so thrilled and excited as this is my fourth website over the last twenty years since I started in business in 2000.

I started the business doing psychic readings. I later trained in Reiki only to realize that I had been a natural healer throughout my whole life. I taught Reiki within one week of qualifying as a Reiki Master. 

The journey continued when I was offered work at a local beauty salon outside Preston. My reputation went before me and soon gathered pace. I trained as a Homeopath, Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist and eventually a life-coach. I choose to write books as I firmly believe that ONE book can change your life. having written five books and published four I am looking forward to completing book six which will detail my learning with my teacher in Bali. There will be practical advise on how to find a balance in your life, how to balance the energies in your home and it will hopefully inspire you to follow your heart and soul.

It has been quite a journey. There have been many learning's along the way and challenges of course too. The only things that we can ever be sure of are death and change. Nothing is constant. I love this Buddhist saying

 "You cannot walk in the same river twice." Coping with life's changes is an art in itself. 

I have been most privileged to work with thousands of people over the last two decades. Each has brought something for me; albeit the joy of watching someone flower, the joy of seeing them change their lives and become more whole-hearted. I have witnessed so many miracles in my work; diabetics recovering, hernias disappearing, eczema and P.T.S.D., relationships breakdowns, infertility to mention only a few. Each has a place in my heart. many clients have become great friends. I feel truly blessed. 

I have recently returned from Bali, Indonesia after training with a healer and powerful shaman. The whole experience has changed me profoundly. I feel more balanced, centered, at peace, calm, trusting that all is as it should be and so much more present in the moment. One of the biggest differences is that I have much less fear. My fear has limited me in many ways throughout my life. I am forever grateful for my teacher Bape Mangku. Since working with him the readings, the healings and the hypnotherapy sessions have gained much momentum and my clients and friends have noticed the difference.

My teacher said I was ready to return to the West. Coming back to the time of the Covid 19 virus and being able to hold daily Facetime live sessions and get involved with many meditation groups means that I can help and assist many through these unknown times. By helping people become more self-aware, more mindful, more heart-centered and encouraging them to take personal responsibility I have seen many clients and friends change for the better. I have passion in all aspects of my work. Whats the point otherwise?

Here is the formula in Confucius’ words;

“The ancients who wished to illustrate illustrious virtue throughout the kingdom, first ordered well their own States. Wishing to order well their States, they first regulated their families. Wishing to regulate their families, they first cultivated their persons. Wishing to cultivate their persons, they first rectified their hearts. Wishing to rectify their hearts, they first sought to be sincere in their thoughts. Wishing to be sincere in their thoughts, they first extended to the utmost their knowledge. Such extension of knowledge lay in the investigation of things.

 “Things being investigated, knowledge became complete. Their knowledge being complete, their thoughts were sincere. There thoughts being sincere, their hearts were then rectified. Their hearts being rectified, their persons were cultivated. Their persons being cultivated, their families were regulated. Their families being regulated, their States were rightly governed. Their States being rightly governed, the whole kingdom was made tranquil and happy.”

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